The decision is made

OK, you've seen the website name and don't have to be Einstein to work out what I bought, but here are the reasons, acknowledging fully that everyone is different and may not agree with my thoughts and experience.

I have dismissed the Honda, the ergo's are not quite right, foot pegs too far back and my legs a little cramped, the Versys 1000 is more comfortable but not as comfortable as the Super Tenere. However the motor in the Versys 1000 is much more to my liking, it's smoother and the power is more linear.  I like the white colour of the Kwaka, not too fussed on the Yamaha Blue. The deal however put some perspective on it,

Yamaha 20k or so bike with a promotion of panniers, bash plate and headlight protector at no extra cost.  All I really needed was a top box and I was away. I could have the lot bought, set up and ridden away in a few days.

Yamaha also has factory heated grips, touring screen, wind deflectors, although the standard screen went well in my test, fog lights, that says farkles ready to go.

Kwaka 16k or so, plus panniers, plus top box with prices and availability unknown, possibly aroung the 2 k mark. Factory and after market accessories for the new Versys 1000 were very thin on the ground even when they did arrive. The standard screen on the Versys was no match for the Super Tenere.

So the Super Tenere it was.  I' not much for wasting too much time shopping around so I got prices from the two closest Yamaha Dealers.  The first seemed a decent deal, I've been a customer of theirs before.  All I priced was the bike with the freebies and a top box.  The second dealer quoting on the same thing came in $1500 cheaper for the same thing.  So I got it there, with the heated grips, wind deflectors and ordered the touring screen, in total it still came in $850 cheaper than my closest dealership.

Super Tenere ordered!