ROX 2″ Risers for the Super Tenere

The Touratech 1" risers on my Super Tenere turned out not to be high enough for me for long days in the saddle and a little short for standing comfortably on the pegs.  I sort of expected that, given I'm 6'5" (195cm) tall but wanted to try them to potentially avoid needing to think too hard about the lack of reach of the standard brake and clutch lines on the Super Tenere.

Back to the drawing board I decided on the 2" ROX Risers. Some on the forums suggested that at certain angles the existing lines were long enough but being conservative I wanted to try out the full range of movement if required and I didn't want to have issues with the lines being compromised by being too stressed.  The solution for the lines was simple, a set of longer brake and clutch lines made for the Super Tenere from Jaxon at Rideonadv .  I could have had some custom ones made locally I guess, but this was more simple, I already knew they'd fit. Jaxon was very responsive to questions, kept me informed during the delivery phase and I paid by Paypal.

I orderd the 2" ROX Risers from Rocky Mountain ADV, the only supplier I could find online in Australia didn't have the ones I wanted in stock and I couldn't order and pay for them online. Delivery was a bit of a killer but I'd rather be riding than wasting time making calls and chasing down a few dollars off.  Rocky Mountain's delivery was fast and hassle free.

So with the ROX Risers and the longer brake and clutch lines in hand I went to visit my favourite adventure bike mechanic, Clive Ward at  Bleeding hydraulic clutches and brakes was way above my skill level so I decided that leaving that job to the experts was the right thing to do.

The installation was not without dramas, the factory lines did not want to come out of the lower fittings at all and significant effort  and some cursing was required. All other aspects were OK, all the other cabling to the bars fitted fine without re-routing and the longer lines took the same path with the same holders. Frankly I'm very glad I didn't take it on.

Without too much mucking about the "right position" was found for sitting and standing and the bars locked in.

It was about a 25 minute ride home from Clive's. I had to think about what was different, because with these risers it's a "fits like a glove" scenario.  I just sat on the bike and was perfectly comfortable without having to think about where I was positioned.  When I did think about it, I noticed that I was sitting on the seat where I wanted to be (towards the back of the rider's section) so my knees were more "open" and I was sitting up straight and comfortable, elbows not locked and no pressure on the wrists. On longer rides in the past I alternated between sitting straighter more forward on the seat for my shoulders/back and moving back to open the knees alternately to rest each.  I reckon that need's now gone.

I stood up a few times (pretty strange on main roads) and with the bike gripped by the knees and a straight back the hand grips with where exactly they needed to be.  If it turns out some finer adjustment is needed there's lots of tweaks available.

Wom is a very happy camper with the 2" ROX Risers on the Super Tenere.  Long distance test this weekend, I'll let you know if I was wrong.