I need another motorcycle

I've been thinking of adding a new motorcycle to my current collection of 3 for a while now.  I have a Harley-Davidson Road King that I have clocked up close to 64,000 kms on in the last three years and I'm spending more and more time riding long distances, having last year discovered the joys of Ironbutt riding.

My Harley-Davidson deserves a rest from hard core LD riding, despite the fact that it's done it with impressive ease, including a couple of SS1600k's and SS2000k, a couple of BB2500k's, an SS2000M and an SS3000M in the last 8 months.  My other two bikes, a KLR-650 and a Yamaha TTR-250 (both of which have also recently completed SS1600k's) are both fantastic little units, but not quite up to continuous Ironbutt use.

So it's time to ride some bikes and buy another one!