Bridgestone Battle Wing Tyres on the Super Tenere

I'm about 1000k's off changing my rear Bridgestone Battle Wing tyre originally factory fitted to my Super Tenere.  In a little over 3 months it's travelled 8,100km (5000 miles) and it is about done.  Here's my review.

It's obviously the first tyre I've had on the Super Tenere and it would be unfair to compare it to tyres I've had on other bikes. Particularly given that riding in the same conditions at the same speeds the rear tyre on my Harley-Davidson Road King would not be half gone yet. Different tyre built for a different purpose.

For the first 5000k's most of the riding was done in Western NSW, Victoria and South Australia with the bike lightly loaded up for a few nights away (no camping gear).  It was mostly straight tar roads in OK condition ad I was clocking up between 600 and 1900kms per day.  The tyre soon enough squared up on the centre but I guess that's not unexpected.  As an adventure touring tyre that should provide some ability to ride on dirt it's also reasonable to expect that the life of it would be shorter than a full on touring road tyre.

Even with the squared up profile from the long straight rides I recently got the opportunity to give the cornering ability of the Super Tenere and the Battle Wing Tyres a good old workout in the Victorian Alps.  Not once did the tyre surprise or upset me and the level of grip it provided was very comforting all the way to the edges of the tread. I was very happy with the grip even when pushing hard.

In the wet I was happy enough although quite a number of times the traction control would kick in when I felt that the tyre shouldn't have let go.  It's not my practice to push hard in the wet so I'll wait until I've got something to compare them to before I make a definite decision on that point.  But for sedate wet weather riding they are fine and sheets of water across a freeway didn't cause and moments.

In terms of dirt I've only done about 20k's on not so great, dry, gravel roads. No surprises, the tyre felt grippy enough in the uneven gravel but my limited experience off road doesn't really allow me to provide any value here in terms of recommendations.

The front Battle Wing is less worn but it's also squared off a bit. The performance of it has been commensurate with the rear nothing to add there.

Am I going to replace the Battle Wing with another one?  No. Over the next few months I'll be spending  more time on open roads and freeways so I'm seriously considering the Michelin Road Pilot 3 Trail and later I'm thinking of giving a Heidenau K60 Scout a crack and going slightly bush.

I'm looking forward to comparing how each of these stack up against the Battle Wing.  Would I buy another Battle Wing? Definitely.